Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010

visitation to heaven & hell: they are real

A vew months ago there had been  wonder or even wonders in my family. Two of my daughters, the elder one named Feibe,she is of 14 years old,  and younger one named Jireh of 10 years old,  they have experienced something spectacular that caused very many good changes in my family, especially concerning the relationship with the divine, The Lord..

on a vew different happenings, their spirit were taken by the Lord Jesus Christ to visit Heaven and  hell.
they were showned heaven in so detailed manner,meet with the saints:Moses,David,Jacoob, angels and so on,  and then they were brought to hell: the saw Judas Iscariot,movie stars, terrorist, even priests and uncountables personals in their agony.

I hope to be able to write them in a book, and to be posted here.

But the  great wonder that I want to testify here is: since that happenings they are now possesing a very powerful spiritual gifts: namely, to heal with instant healing by prayer, no matter the distance (by phone), they see visions, and prophesize.speak in tongues, and may reveal veiled many human problems by powerful prayer.

now we are axperiencing that the relation with the Lord Jesus and The Father in heaven in more direct manner. He speaks to us in worship or even some other occasions through the spiritual gifts, and we speak to Him.

to be continued.

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